USC Games Spring 2018 Showcase

This past Wednesday, we got the opportunity to showcase our latest work on Unfolded.
We had a lot of fun getting this ready, and we’re so glad to see that our efforts were so well received!

USC Games Expo - Spring 2018

The Team

Spring 2018 “Final Presentation”

As the semester has ‘Unfolded’, we have continued to see our project grow and transform in new and interesting ways.

You can find links to our final class presentation and trailer below.

Spring Update

A lot has changed from our prototype last fall; More moves, attacks, transformations, ..everything!

Feel free to check out the video below, and we look forward to providing more updated as the project evolves!

Gameplay Model

Game World Layout:

  • A series of dungeons connected by a hub-area.
  • New areas will open up as the player progresses
  • Interaction with previously inaccessible portions of the environment.


  • Core Mechanics: work with, craft, and fight with origami transformations.
  • Core Experiences: Complete dungeons, solve puzzles, fight enemies, and gain new skills/weapons.
  • Progression: Upgrades and Items using crafting techniques / blueprints.
  • Abilities: Abilities  based on the transformation property of origami.
  • Constant Change/Growth: Use new upgrades/items to take on changing challenges in  expanded regions.

Engineering Challenge:

  • Give an always-fresh experience by procedurally generating the dungeons each time.
  • Implement a series of rendering techniques and modify the physics to create a world that lives and breathes in ways which resemble their constituent materials and respond to player interaction promptly.

Game Goals:

  1. Light roguelike gameplay, more forgiving
  2. Origami properties in the world

Target Audience:

  • Appeal to a rather broad audience.
  • Given in-game text and the difficulty level, the game will be approachable to players between the ages of 4 – 99.