Gameplay Model

Game World Layout:

  • A series of dungeons connected by a hub-area.
  • New areas will open up as the player progresses
  • Interaction with previously inaccessible portions of the environment.


  • Core Mechanics: work with, craft, and fight with origami transformations.
  • Core Experiences: Complete dungeons, solve puzzles, fight enemies, and gain new skills/weapons.
  • Progression: Upgrades and Items using crafting techniques / blueprints.
  • Abilities: Abilities  based on the transformation property of origami.
  • Constant Change/Growth: Use new upgrades/items to take on changing challenges in  expanded regions.

Engineering Challenge:

  • Give an always-fresh experience by procedurally generating the dungeons each time.
  • Implement a series of rendering techniques and modify the physics to create a world that lives and breathes in ways which resemble their constituent materials and respond to player interaction promptly.

Game Goals:

  1. Light roguelike gameplay, more forgiving
  2. Origami properties in the world

Target Audience:

  • Appeal to a rather broad audience.
  • Given in-game text and the difficulty level, the game will be approachable to players between the ages of 4 – 99.

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